Take action and use your voice to be more involved with Alzheimer's Mississippi.

Advocacy and the Importance of Public Policy

Our mission at Alzheimer’s Mississippi is to provide care and support for all Mississippians affected by Alzheimer’s disease while advancing statewide research in pursuit of a cure. An important part of our mission is advocating for research and for families and individuals who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

As an Alzheimer’s advocate you are giving your voice on behalf of another. Any caregiver who has struggled to find medical care for an AD patient, or has worked with an agency to provide better care for their loved one has been an advocate.

We need everyone’s voice to help make Alzheimer’s disease a priority in public health policy in Mississippi and at the federal level. Your voice will ensure Alzheimer’s disease receives research funding, that those living with Alzheimer’s receive a timely diagnoses and dignity in aging, and support for the family caregiver. To influence change we need to mobilize our members, those in our support groups and our friends in other organizations. Through meetings, letters, phone calls, and other public actions we can capture the attention of decision makers and the media.


ADVANCE issues critical to those affected by Alzheimer’s.

Take ACTION. Use your VOICE to be more involved with Alzheimer’s Mississippi Advocacy.


Become a member of the Volunteer Alzheimer’s Advocacy Leadership Team (VAALT). VAALT members are advocates committed to raise their elected officials awareness and support of Alzheimer’s Mississippi public policy goals.

Fill out the form below to become a VAALT member, or download and mail in the VAALT Membership Application.


VAALT Application

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Join the Young Professional Alzheimer’s Advocates of Mississippi (YPAAM). YPAAM members are young professionals ages 21-45 who engage in fundraising and advocacy opportunities with Alzheimer’s Mississippi.

Fill out the form below to become a YPAAM member and start helping in the fight against Alzheimer’s right here in Mississippi.


YPAAM Application

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